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As Rainville’s leading market, aeronautics has been the core of our activities for several decades. Today, our expertise in this field is well established. We’re proud to rank third in the aviation community’s global supply chain. The industry’s biggest players put their trust in us, and we maintain long-term relationships with them.

Whether you need a lifting or positioning tool (wings, seats, etc.), an engine weight or a nose weight, our expertise is well established! We aren’t afraid to tackle large-scale projects, and we excel at providing custom solutions. Contact us to put us to the test!

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The rail market is an important part of Rainville’s activities and has been a true driving force in our workshop for decades. There’s no doubt that when it comes to lifting tools, transport stations and positioning tools, we have the expertise and the space required to think as big as you do. The biggest names in the industry trust us to carry out their projects.

Renewable energy

The renewable energy market draws on the full range of our expertise and is one of the three main sectors Industries Rainville serves. At the top of the list, the hydroelectricity market lies at the heart of our operations. Whether it’s manufacturing blades, designing lift systems or bridges for dams here and abroad or executing repairs or maintenance, when it comes to hydroelectricity, each case is unique, which translates to plenty of energy to spark the imagination of our dedicated team!

How can we help you today to help you stand out tomorrow? It’s up to you to tell us! Whatever market you’re operating in, tell us know about your project. We look forward to setting up a game plan with you.